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            THE OLD ONES

 In the above photo, on Queen Charlotte Island in western Canada, is a culture of Haida people who regard cedar trees as a source of magical spirit with a life force within them. These tall totem poles, believed to be the carvings of the original people who lived on the island thousands of years ago, represent their culture and belief in the magic that the cedar trees bring to their people. It is said, the first people to have lived on the island thousands of years ago turned into cedar trees as their spirit was released in passing. Totem poles are known as              The Old Ones .

Aborigines, in the mountainous region of Asia and North Africa, used the cedar trees, also known as the” Thunja plicata “, in every aspect of their life. From cedar, they made their homes, canoes, coffins, and even used it for cooking, but the most sacred function of the cedar tree was when it was carved into a totem pole and placed at tribal ceremonies. The cedar tree was monumental in their history and was given the name 
            TREE OF LIFE  


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Cedar is known to be the most valuable wood in the world because it is naturally highly resistant to rot, insect damage, and weathering. It will last for decades outdoors. 

Cedar is a smooth surfaced wood and aromatic.

It weathers to a silvery gray when left untreated.

Stain may be used for sealing. Use only exterior stains specified for usage on cedar.

Splitting or cracks in cedar is a natural process known as “ checking “. This occurs during the aging or seasoning of the cedar as it releases moisture from the wood.

Checking will be more apparent in logs as in the above photo. This gives the cedar a unique look, but will not harm the integrity of the wood. 

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